Fire Investigations

Investigative Goal

It is the policy of the Marietta Fire Department, to determine the origin and cause of all fires. In the event a criminal act is determined to have occurred, to seek out and prosecute anyone involved in the act of intentionally setting, assisting another, or counseling another to set fire to any structure or object for the purpose of revenge, financial gain, to defraud another or any other reason applicable to the official code of Georgia.

Investigator Notification

A fire investigator shall be notified when one or more of the following conditions exist.
  • A cause determination cannot be made with available personnel.
  • A second alarm is requested.
  • There is an indication of criminal activity relating to the fire.
  • Suspected multiple fire patterns/origins.
  • Any fire death, burn injury or life threatening injuries caused by smoke or escape attempt.
  • Explosion/fire bombing.
  • An immediate need to document a fire scene.


Marietta maintains a minimum of one full-time certified investigator to be on call at all times. This is handled by shift investigators who work a 24-hour shift and in their absence, is covered by one of the officers working in the Fire Marshal's Office. In the event additional investigators are needed to assist, all members of the Fire Marshal's Office are trained in the investigation of fires to determine origin and cause.

The investigations branch of the Fire Marshal's Office also assist in conducting internal affairs, enforcing fire codes and local ordinances, issuing citations and works directly with the Marietta Police Department.