Voice Permit System

*All Current 2019 and older permits will still utilize the existing Voice Permit System.

Voice Permit System (CALL IN YOUR INSPECTION)                    

Call 770-794-8975 to schedule inspections and check the status of an inspection 24 hours/day, seven days/week. 

Inspections called in prior to 5am will normally be conducted that same day.  We cannot normally give an ETA other than "Morning" or "Afternoon". 
*If you receive an "Out of sequence" message, please contact our inspectors via email or voicemail so we can clear the system for you to call it in.  
To speak with inspector, call the phone number listed for that inspector and leave a message.  Inspectors check and return messages throughout the day, as time permits. 

Work not ready will be disapproved.  The first disapproval is NOT CHARGED A FEE.  After the first disapproval fees are as follows:
$50 first re-inspection
$75 second re-inspection
$100 for third re-inspection
$150 for fourth re-inspection of the same item.

Phone Codes

To check the status of a building permit by phone, you will need the following codes. Contact the Building Inspections Division for more information.

Building Codes - Residential & Commercial

Code Permit
101 Footing
102 Slab
103 Monolithic Slab
105 Ceiling Cover Up
106 Foundation Wall
107 Retaining Wall
108 Pool Steel
109 Pool Fence
110 Framing
111 Building Miscellaneous  (*Roof, Wall Sheathing, Insulation or other inspections not listed)
115 Building Final

Electrical Codes

Code Permit
201 Temporary Pole
202 Slab
203 Ditch Cover
204 Wall Cover Up
205 Ceiling
206 Rough In
207 Partial
209 STC - Safe to Connect
210 Low Voltage
211 Power Off 1 Year
212 Electrical Final

Site Inspection Codes

Code Permit
601 Pre-Construction
602 Tree Protection
603 Erosion Control
604 Structural BMPs
605 Vegetative BMPs
606 Clearing/Demo
607 Paving
608 Drainage
609 Notice to Comply
611 Site Final

Mechanical Codes

Code Permit
401 Underground
402 Hood System
403 Gas
404 Rough
405 Mechanical final

Plumbing Codes

301 Under Slab
302 Sewer Line
303 Water Services
304 Rough
305 Gas Test
306 Water Heaters
307 Plumbing Final