City Cemeteries

A map showing the location of each City Cemetery

Marietta City Cemeteries

  1. Marietta City Cemetery
  2. Marietta National Cemetery
  3. Marietta Confederate Cemetery
  4. Saint James Episcopal Cemetery
  5. Hangman's Hill
  6. Crest Hill
  7. Mountain View Park
  8. Kennesaw Memorial
  9. Pleasant Grove Baptist
  10. New Hope Methodist
  11. Haney Grove Baptist
  12. Georgia Memorial
  13. Hargrove
  14. Taylor
  15. Old Gresham
  16. Custer Street
  17. Barmore
  18. Shady Grove Baptist
  19. Paupers #1
  20. Wildwood Cemetery

Cobb County Georgia Cemeteries

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Additional Information

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For general city cemetery information contact Joan Ellars at 770-794-5606 or by email.